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Questo post verrà pubblicato sia in italiano che in inglese. Per educazione e ospitalità comincerò con quello in lingua inglese, dedicandolo ai colleghi della Skandinaviska Osteopathögskolan In Sweden for now!

This is a new tagged chapter for FUSAE method. FUSAE recently goes to Sweden at the Skandinaviska Osteopathögskolan  in Goteburg for a postgraduate course in which it was the partner for the Tensegrity – Fascial Unwinding an Still technique taught by Paolo Tozzi.
Once again we have integrated and fused together the ultrasonographic imaging that I developed for the fascial-motion studies with the concept of an holographic structural network.
The participants were really enrolled by the discussion, the aim arguments and the dynamic and real-time pictures and clips of structure, organs and their relative relationships.
In the next days, month and years we will have some sharing project to promote the diffusion of these topics both in congress and institute.
We found a good interface and compliance with colleagues new to these concepts and point of views…that sometimes could be a shock to some acquired concepts and beliefs.
The dynamic US imaging is quite different except forreal time dynamic observation and fascia-motion. Another aspect that  is growing up with THE FUSAE model is the anatomic mapping of structure, not so clearly palpable and the correlation between the cutaneous specific findings and the structure underneath.
The macroscopic direction of fascia and connective tissue (i.e. tendons) are the most important benefits that FUSAE could provide to the knowledge of anatomy in the alive patient helping the dissection anatomic specimen.

Many cases were showed during the first day of the course but with a detailed and simply adapted explication of physical property of US diagnostic imaging, the orientation of the image both in transverse and longitudinal position and also the mainly characteristic of the 256′ greys tone imaging.
After the Keynote “inner motion and deep relationship” some volunteer underwent to US examination to show to the other colleagues what THE FUSAE concept the osteopath ultrasonographic application of this method are.
Along  the second and the third day I checked pre and post TRT the volunteers and patients (#2) that came to school for a specific investigation.
Paolo Tozzi was there to link the pure osteopathic approach and language with my clinic point of view.
All the patients that underwent to US examination were informed realtime of the results and eventually of some abnormal specimens if detected.
The tensegrity mode was illustrated on this second day while the Unwinding and Still tecnique on the third by Paolo himself.
I was there to support his detailed teaching to correlate with clinical US approach.
Now I’m waiting for a feed-back form from so, in order to understand the limits and to increase the quality and comprehension of this not so simple topic.
Paolo and myself know that there are many other courses that try to combine the osteopathic approach with the US investigation, but we think that own fellowship is different ‘cause we both had a multiple modality  approach to the human body due to the our different but comprehensive experience.
For what accounts myself  after so many years in surgery, emergency units and ultrasonology I have found application of this “background” in the osteopathic field, in didactic but also in the objectivation of therapeutic results overall on FASCIA.


I hope we’ll meet each other again in the future … sooner or later

 Davide Bongiorno